Jul 11, 2016

Dungeon Cockwhore

Back in the dungeon, Steve Sommers is exploiting his new role as Top Dad. This time he’s paired with Christophe Arsenault, a bearded hipster with tattoos that tell one hell of a story. And he’s a HUGE cockwhore! Steve slides his big dick in Christophe’s hungry hole and fucks the pig bareback while in a sling. In the middle of their fuck fest, Bear Steven walks in on the fun, offering Christophe another big dick. This time for his hungry, willing throat! Stay tuned for part 2 of this raw menage with three very horny sluts!

Jul 9, 2016

Welcome Back To Porn, Sage

Aarin Asker doesn't top much but when is he offered the position he goes all out to show just how alpha he can be. That was the case when I paired him up with Sage Daniels who has been away from the industry for a few years. Aarin did not waste anytime breaking in Sage’s hole and got that fucker to deep throat his hot boy cock to the base and gag on in while he was going all the way down. Getting Sage on his knees was easy his hole opened wide for Aarin to just shove his cock in and give him the fuck of his life. Welcome back to porn, Sage!

Jul 8, 2016

My Whorish Boyfriend

Real-life boyfriends Jef Heart and Colt Cox haven’t been seeing each other long but the laid-back and casual guys have always fantasized about doing porn. Thankfully, they contacted us! The adorable hairy couple, start off making out then Colt pulls out Jef’s fat dick. The bearded otter turns into quite the cock hound, sucking and devouring that sweet meat. 

Jef rims Colt’s hungry ass a bit before Colt sucks him a bit more, slicking his throbbing shaft with even more spit. Then, using only that same spit for lube, Jef slides home, fucking his boyfriend bareback. The harder Jef pounds Colt, the harder he wants it. Jef pumps away, thrusting in and out of his whorish boyfriend. Jef gets a good rhythm going before pulling out to feed the load to Colt, who then turns around and feeds Jef a load of his own, one the two piggies share in a sticky wet kiss.

Jul 7, 2016

Nordic Cum Pig

For those of you who like contrasts, you’re going to enjoy this latest scene from Bareback Cum Pigs, featuring Bryan Knight and Mickey Carpathio. The hairy, bearded Nordic God loves him some daddy meat, especially when it comes in the form of versatile bottom Mickey. The bald and bearded otter is exactly the type of man Bryan likes and pint-sized Mickey is soon on his knees, getting his face fucked. It’s a wonder Mickey can breath at all! But if you think that’s some noisy dick slurping, wait until he buries his face in Bryan’s huge hairy ass! Mickey makes a meal out of Bryan’s hole before sliding his big dick inside the mountain of a man. But don’t think this is a strictly one-sided fuck. The two take turns bareback fucking each other but it’s when Bryan takes hold of Mickey on all fours that it looks wonderfully and deliciously obscene. And there’s some nasty dirty talk between the two that is the epit ome of what it means to be a total bareback cum pig!

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